Episode 8: Fairtrade funded education projects

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  • Song Name: Episode 8: Fairtrade funded education projects
  • Artist: Liberation Foods
  • Album: Series 1
  • Year: 2008

This video features Brigido Soza, President of the Juan Francisco Paz Silva Co-operative in Nicaragua, one of the many small producer co-operatives that supply our tasty nuts. In Nicaragua's case it is Peanuts or Groundnuts. Here he is talking about how the Fairtrade premium that his farmers receive for selling their groundnuts has helped to build a local school. These types of projects are an important part of the Fairtrade movement where co-operatives use the profits from trade to directly benefit the local communities in the places where that actual produce is grown. As Mr Soza says "The impact of Fairtrade in my village, in my family and in my co-operative has been really very positive."

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