Episode 10: Small holder challenges and Fairtrade

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  • Song Name: Episode 10: Small holder challenges and Fairtrade
  • Artist: Liberation Foods
  • Album: Series 1
  • Year: 2008

This video features Jorge Chavez Zapata, President of the Coopmulte-RL Co-operative in Nicaragua. Coopmulte is one of many smaller co-operatives that make up Del Campo, a Nicaraguan umbrella co-operative which represents more than 3,000 families organized through similar small farmer cooperatives. Del Campo was set up in 1997 and provides commercialization services to its members, who sell Fairtrade and organic products on the national and international market. Del Campo also gives technical assistance to its members, undertakes processing, delivers training and facilitates access to finance.

Del Campo supplies Liberation with delicious peanuts along with co-operatives in Malawi and Mozambique in South East Africa.

Here Jorge talks about the challenges facing small holder farmers in the developing world and illustrates some of the benefits from Fairtrade.

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